The Past Re-Lived, June 2021 – Iggy Tavares

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Re: The Past Re-Lived, June 2021 – Iggy Tavares

Postby Iggy » Mon 28 Jun 2021, 12:18

Thank you Paul & Frank for your suggestions that are helpful and greatly appreciated.
I will get back to this image for the new CCC season later in the year.

Paul wrote
I can hear a judge's voice chuckling at the title which may cause them to view it as a less serious image.
Maybe a more subtle title, although I can only think of "Self reflection" , "A study of lines" or "Mirror image".

Interesting titles Paul. Perhaps: "Self Reflection?"
Another not so subtle title "Go for red or bust"

I will now look at my old unused portfolios in a different light and will crop, crop, crop.

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