Share Your Photos!

Post pictures you simply want to share with others. (Use "Image Critique" if you want to obtain feedback.)
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Share Your Photos!

Postby ADMIN » Sun 19 Jul 2015, 21:39

The Photo Sharing section is for anyone who wishes to share their photos for any reason.
(If you want feedback on how to improve an image, use the dedicated Image Critique section.)

Any registered users may embed an image or link to an image (Img and URL toolbar options respectively).
Club members may attach up to 3 files to each post, current limits are 1024x768 dimensions and 256kb in size.

For instructions on how to attach or embed photos, see: How to post pictures.

Please note:
  • Any registered user either embedding or uploading an image must have the copyright holder's permission to do so. If in doubt, post a link to the image instead.
  • Image copyright remains with the copyright holder; images will not be used by Croydon Camera Club without prior permission.

Alternatives to sharing on the forum are:

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