BLUEBELL RAILWAY 3 - Observing 'Camelot'

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Mike Farley
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Re: BLUEBELL RAILWAY 3 - Observing 'Camelot'

Postby Mike Farley » Mon 25 Sep 2017, 11:46

davidb wrote:Mike

My previous image (from 2015) gives an idea of what the window is like. It is large covering the full width and from about a meter from the floor to the ceiling. It would be difficult getting the whole window in even if I sat by the wall of the carriage; that would, however, eliminate some of the exterior on the right. Darkening and vignetting would help. And trying to eliminate the reflections would also improve the image.

OK, I do not know the window, so it was only a thought. The bar on its own looked odd as there was no context to show why it was there. Perhaps show one edge instead?

Maybe a polariser would help deal with the reflections? There will be an increase in exposure, so you might need to raise the ISO if the carriage is not well lit. Mind you, there should be plenty of light illuminating the scene with that amount of glass!

Mike Farley
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Re: BLUEBELL RAILWAY 3 - Observing 'Camelot'

Postby davidb » Mon 25 Sep 2017, 13:39


Here's the uncroped image to give you an idea of the size of the problem :D

Saying the window was a metre from the carriage floor was probably over-stating the matter. As can be seen with the young girl she can clearly see out without any assistance!
20170923 7D2 0037 SECR O1 class no 65 at HK.jpg
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David A Beard.
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Re: BLUEBELL RAILWAY 3 - Observing 'Camelot'

Postby SandraW » Fri 23 Nov 2018, 19:15

Using this part of the forum for the first time, on my phone, so apologies if this post ends up somewhere odd.
Just wanted to say that I really like David’s photo of the child “Observing Camelot”. The only (tiny) edit I’d suggest is trying to remove the white glow in front of the child’s eye. Probably if you converted to B/W it might disappear into a sort of rim lighting by the child’s face (and I always love B/W).
Great pic - makes you wonder exactly what is going on
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Re: BLUEBELL RAILWAY 3 - Observing 'Camelot'

Postby Franke07 » Mon 26 Nov 2018, 15:56

Hi David, two great pictures - my personal pref is pic 2 with the child. If you are going to put them in comp ( I think they would do rather well!) I would be inclined to remove the semi-circle from in front of the child's face and burn in the big white dot on the train. I am not sure if you can play around with the contract in the glass area to bring up the reflections a tad ! Very well captured!
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Peter Boughton
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Re: BLUEBELL RAILWAY 3 - Observing 'Camelot'

Postby Peter Boughton » Mon 26 Nov 2018, 20:41

David mentioned this on page 2...
davidb wrote:This image was used in a recent competition (SLF Plate) and all the judge could see was the small slither of white disc (similar to that by the loco's number) behind the lads head!

I've tried to heal it in Lightroom but it's such a small area it's difficult to hi-lite.

Incidentally, it was accepted by SPA for last years bi-ennial. Without the heal!

(And I'd second Mike's response to that second line - Lightroom heal isn't the optimal tool for this, but the more powerful cloning tool in any full graphics editor could do it.)

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