Requesting Feedback

Post a photo to get comments and suggestions on how it can be improved. For best help you should include the relevant EXIF information. (Use "Photo Sharing" if you simply want to share images and are not after feedback.)
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Requesting Feedback

Postby ADMIN » Sun 19 Jul 2015, 21:39

The Image Critique section is for when you want comments and suggestions on how a photo can be improved. (If you do not want feedback and simply wish to share your images, use the Photo Sharing section.)

When asking for advice from members, please keep the following in mind:

  • Use a separate thread for each image you want critiqued, as this will make it easier for a reviewer to provide useful feedback.
  • Provide any information which you think may be pertinent to the advice you wish to receive, along with type of advice you are seeking.
  • Providing relevant EXIF metadata is recommended - this can help a reviewer understand how the photo was taken and hone their advice accordingly.
  • When providing feedback, it can be useful to create an altered version of the image being critiqued to demonstrate a suggestion - if you are not ok with this, please edit your profile and set "Image remixing ok?" to "no".
  • Any registered users may embed an image or link to an image (Img and URL toolbar options respectively).
  • Club members may attach up to 3 files to each post, current limits are 1024x768 dimensions and 256kb in size.
For instructions on how to attach or embed photos, see: How to post pictures.

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