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Rules & Guidelines

Postby ADMIN » Wed 05 Sep 2012, 16:19

  • Membership of this forum is open to all and is a privilege, not a right. Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.
  • Participants are reminded that this is a public discussion forum and are expected to behave appropriately.
  • Please do not post personal details (i.e. email address or phone numbers) in public areas - use Private messages or email for this.
  • Unauthorised advertisements or business solicitations are not permitted anywhere on this forum, with the exception of Croydon Camera Club members who may use the for sale section.
  • Forum moderators reserve the right to modify or remove any posted message for any reason without notice.
  • The views and opinions posted within the forum are the responsibility of the person who made them and not Croydon Camera Club.

Image Guidelines
  • Any registered user of the forum may embed images from external sources.
  • The ability to upload images to the forum is restricted to members of Croydon Camera Club and limited to a filesize of 250kb.
  • Any images either uploaded or embedded within posts should not be larger than 1024x768. If a larger image is required, it should be provided as a link.
  • Any registered user either embedding or uploading an image must have the copyright holder's permission to do so. If in doubt, post a link to the image instead.
  • Image copyright remains with the copyright holder; images will not be used by Croydon Camera Club without prior permission.
:arrow: See How to post pictures for instructions on how to upload or embed images.

Image Critique
  • If posting an image for critique, you are more likely to receive a helpful response if you provide relevant EXIF metadata. For info see this EXIF explanation.
  • Use a separate thread for each image you want critiqued, as this will make it easier for a reviewer to provide useful feedback.
  • Provide any information which you think may be pertinent to the advice you wish to receive, along with type of advice you are seeking.

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