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Post Capture Processing

Postby Mike Farley » Thu 08 Jul 2021, 09:27

Our most recent meetings have referenced post capture processing in one way or another. On 23 June, we had an excellent presentation from Mike Lawrence about using Adobe Camera Raw (the software is common to both applications) in Lightroom and Photoshop. The following week, Paul Adams commented how some images would be improved with some simple adjustments when judging our "PDI of the Year" competition. Finally, on 7 July, Marcus Scott-Taggart gave us a critique of our images and used Lightroom to demonstrate how they would benefit from enhancement in most instances. All were masterclasses in their own way.

In the main, Marcus' suggestions were straightforward:

  • Crop the image to suit the subject*
  • Boost contrast
  • Adjustments of highlights and shadows, quite probably in conjunction withthe above
  • Removal of distracting elements
  • Straightening horizons
  • Correcting lens distortions
  • Sharpening

* The 3:2 or 4:3 ratios at which our cameras shoot are not necessarily the best aspect for everything. So much for those who aim to get "everything right in the camera". ;)

By chance, I have found an article by David Farkas in which he explains his approach to image editing. While it addresses Raw files from Leica cameras specifically, the principles he describes are universally applicable. If anyone wants to try his suggestions using Leica Raw files, it is easy to find some to download from the Internet. ... a-cameras/

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