Jeff's Photo of the Month

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Jeff's Photo of the Month

Postby jeffwin99 » Wed 27 Jan 2021, 16:00

Found something interesting in the freezer!
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Re: Jeff's Photo of the Month

Postby Iggy » Thu 28 Jan 2021, 13:26

Hi Jeff,
Good to see you join Photo of the month.
Wondering what the fern is doing in your freezer???
Take care,
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Paul Heester
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Re: Jeff's Photo of the Month

Postby Paul Heester » Thu 28 Jan 2021, 15:50

Nice shot Jeff. Ive been wanting to do similar but have the ice all clear. Im told I need distilled water for this but dont know where to get it from :?
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Re: Jeff's Photo of the Month

Postby gcluer » Fri 29 Jan 2021, 12:11

Distilled water is more commonly (now) known as deionised water and is sold for topping up car batteries. Halfords or Amazon should have it.

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