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Mike Farley
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Postby Mike Farley » Fri 10 Aug 2018, 08:08

Anton Gorlin has published on his website a very comprehensive guide to composition which has lots of illustrations. It must have taken a lot of time and effort to write, yet it is free to access. It would definitely repay close study and absorbing the lessons, as well as bookmarking for future reference. We can all learn something from it. ... ive-guide/

Mike Farley
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Steve B
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Re: Composition

Postby Steve B » Fri 17 Aug 2018, 15:51

Well worth a read, thanks for the tip-off. Steve
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Re: Composition

Postby toms » Tue 02 Oct 2018, 15:42

Hi Mike,

As Steve say's a very worthwhile read and very well put together.


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