Dickens Festival, Rochester

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Mike Farley
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Dickens Festival, Rochester

Postby Mike Farley » Sun 02 Jun 2019, 18:46

I made the journey to Rochester earlier today for the Dickens Festival. Quite a few people in Dickensian costume, helped by being based in the High Street which looks much as it must have done in Victorian times. There was even a Queen Victoria in her mourning dress who was marvellously in character. I saw her with a cigarette and asked for a photo. "That happens every time I light up." Definitely not amused. No shot, I'm afraid as I simply thanked her and moved on. There were plenty of other people who were willing subjects.

More photos to follow, probably in a blog when I get around to writing it in a few weeks time; I am rdiculously behind with "Shot of the Week" postings. With people in old fashioned dress, there were opportunities for incongruities such as the example below. I thought I was the only club member present, but have a sneaking suspicion Tom might have been there as well. ;)

Old soldier
Tom-10.jpg (82.12 KiB) Viewed 542 times

Incidentally, there is a Xmas version on 7 - 8 December which could make a good outing.

https://www.visitkent.co.uk/events/dick ... tmas-3820/

Mike Farley
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Re: Dickens Festival, Rochester

Postby toms » Mon 03 Jun 2019, 10:49

Okay Mike, you've blown my cover!

Nice one.

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Re: Dickens Festival, Rochester

Postby Iggy » Mon 03 Jun 2019, 12:09

Blown your cover?
Who were you dressed up as Tom?
Looks like I missed a good opportunity to get some interesting images!

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