Morden Hall Park - BioBltz to Antique Roadshow.

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Morden Hall Park - BioBltz to Antique Roadshow.

Postby Iggy » Sat 01 Jun 2019, 23:59

I dropped in on Morden Hall Park to get away from decorators and the dust in our hallway.
It was crowded with people attending the BioBlitz with lots of outdoor stands.
Even had a laboratory indoors with experts with microscopes trying to identify live insect larvae from mayfly to ladbird and more.
I didn't have time to take part in a one hour discovery search.

If you like big crowds, then tomorrow Sunday is the day to visit as Morden Hall Park is hosting the Antique Road show!
Mike Farley
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Re: Morden Hall Park - BioBltz to Antique Roadshow.

Postby Mike Farley » Sun 02 Jun 2019, 18:27

I did not get there, going to the Dickens Festival in Rochester instead. Definitely a lot of fun to be had there.

Did anyone make the journey to Morden Hall? Plus points for having an old cameras for a valuation. A nice Gandolfi, perhaps? Only 3,000 ever made, all by hand, and reasonably local as the company started in the Old Kent Road and ended up in Peckham. Double plus points for getting onto the TV with it. Treble plus points for mentioning Croydon Camera Club during the recording. Quadruple plus points if it is not edited out. ... olfi-sons/

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