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Fun In Photography

Postby Mike Farley » Fri 10 May 2019, 08:27

This post by Mike Johnston at The Online Photographer struck a chord. Especially as last night I was at Crawley Down Camera Club giving my "On Photography" in which I emphasise that a lot of our hobby is about the enjoyment we get from it. In that regard, I especially appreciated Ned Bunnell's featured comment.

https://theonlinephotographer.typepad.c ... actor.html

Out of curiosity, I looked up the price of the Canon RP in the UK, to find it costs a pound shy of £1,400 and similarly the 35 mm lens is around £500. Admittedly both include 20% VAT which is not factored into the US prices of $1,299 and $449 respectively, but cannot help thinking that Canon is having a laugh. Quite literally, at our expense.

Since I bought it for around £900 in a Black Friday deal last November, I have been enjoying my Fuji X-H1. Most of the controls I need for my shooting are on dials and buttons on the body, which mean that I am not often diving into the menus. It has a lovely, tactile feel which I have not always experienced with other cameras. Fuji also makes some gorgeous prime lenses. More often or not, one of those is often to be found mounted on my X-H1 and such combination allow me to concentrate on getting the shot. Ironically, not since my now 9 year old Canon 7D have I found a camera that feels so good in the hand and it still gives results I like.

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