Diane Arbus Exhibition

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Diane Arbus Exhibition

Postby Sarahrs » Tue 12 Feb 2019, 23:01

Hi All,

Anyone interested in seeing the Diane Arbus exhibition which is just about to open at the Hayward Gallery? Tickets are £15. Thought a Thursday evening might work (late night opening). https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesig ... re-a-story
Mike Farley
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Re: Diane Arbus Exhibition

Postby Mike Farley » Thu 07 Mar 2019, 10:50

At present, there are no less than three major photography exhibitions going on simultaneously in London. What is more, two of the artists concerned are still living. Catch them all while you can is my suggestion. These events do not come around too often and having all three on at the same time is astonishing.

My preference, before seeing them, would be:

  • Don McCullin at Tate Britain
  • Martin Parr at the National Portrait Gallery
  • Diane Arbus at the Hayward Gallery
I have never been too certain about Diane Arbus but it is still worthwhile going.

The TimeOut discount for entry to the Martin Parr show is still available: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3028

Mike Farley

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