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Magnum Square Print Sale

Postby Mike Farley » Tue 05 Jun 2018, 08:46

Magnum is doing one of its regular "Square Print" sales, when for a limited period signed or estate stamped photographs by its members are offered at $100 each. It is an opportunity to buy work from photographers who would usually charge much more for a print. The link is below: ... ale-119322

For example, there is this image by David Hurn, who recently featured in this forum: ... 0499158211

Orders are shipped from New York and delivery is extra. That does mean there will be VAT to be paid when the prints arrive in the UK and it will be levied on the total order price, including delivery. I am not sure whether prints attract import duty as well, but if so it will be applied to if the order is over £135 in value. There will also be an administration charge levied by the courier. For budgetting purposes, assume that import charges will add around one third to the cost.

Time was when UK customs was not very efficient at collecting its dues on personal imports. Those days are long gone. Couriers are expected to notify HMRC of any packages which attract charges and pay them on behalf of the importer. They will not deliver until they have received reimbursement. Wait too long and the package goes back to the sender.

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