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Photo 2018

Postby Mike Farley » Sun 25 Feb 2018, 07:37

The following is a copy of the text from the two e-mails which I sent out yesterday to all members in respect of submissions via PhotoEntry to this year's annual exhibition at the Click Clock Gallery. As this post will still be visible after the closing date for entries, you should note that the details below apply solely to the 2018 exhibition.

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Those wishing to participate in the club's annual exhibition (Photo 2018) can now submit digital versions of their photos via PhotoEntry. This is the only method by which images will be accepted.

Tom has previously sent an e-mail with full details of the exhibition. The following is a summary in respect of the use of PhotoEntry to send images to the club.

There are two categories, DPI and Print, and you may enter up to four images in each. These should be submitted in the usual format, i.e. a resolution of 1400 x 1050 and with the sRGB colour profile. Each image must have a title but Panel/Portfolio names are not required. These will be taken from your entry form.

The images in the DPI category will be those used for the judging. Both sets of images will be used at the club's meeting on 9 May 2018 when all entries will be shown and the judge gives his feedback on the award winners.

For DPI entries, two versions of each shot are necessary. As usual, during the exhibition the DPIs will be displayed on a television lent to the club by Richer Sounds. In order to fill the screen, a second set of images with a maximum size of 1920 x 1080 pixels are required.

All the exhibition competitions can be found in the "One-Off Competitions" section on the PhotoEntry website and consist of the following:
  • Exhibition DPI Entries (1400 x 1050) - (DPI entries at standard resolution)
  • Exhibition DPI Entries (HD version) - (DPI entries for display on the television - 1920 x 1080)
  • Exhibition Print Entries - (Print entries at standard resolution - 1400 x 1050)
PhotoEntry will display an error message for any submissions with incorrect dimensions.

The PhotoEntry website address is

Entry forms, fees and mounted prints have to be handed in at the club meeting on 14 March 2018. That meeting is the next round of the print competition for which entries are also now open in PhotoEntry.

The closing date for submission of exhibition images is midnight on Saturday, 17 March 2018. This allows time to make final adjustments should anyone wish to amend their print entry as a result of the judge's comments during the competition a few days previously. This does NOT mean that entry forms can be amended after 14 March and the additional time is granted solely that entrants can assure that images match their forms.

If you have any questions about PhotoEntry, either send me a PM or speak to me at the next club meeting on 28 February 2018. (I will not be present on 7 March.) Queries relating to the exhibition in general should be addressed to a member of the Exhibition Committee.

Mike Farley
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