Crystal Palace fireworks

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Crystal Palace fireworks

Postby walterconquy » Mon 24 Oct 2016, 11:37

Dear All, just a short note on the firework display at Crystal Palace on Saturday 5th Nov 2016. There are two sessions one for kids with less banging and flashing and a later one for adults. Prices for both are: Adult £7.50, Child £5.10, Family 2 Adults +2 Children £19.80, all have to be booked on line, More expensive on the day. You can no longer buy at the gates. Times: Gates open at 6pm, for 7.00pm and 8.15pm, for 8.30pm respectively.
Some people have asked for tips, so here we go.
Equipment; Camera, 28mm or nearest lens, Tripod I would say essential and cable release.
Arrive a half hour before hand to set up and get nearest spots to fence, you then keep out of the way and have a perfect view.
I give varying bursts from 10-30secs you will see whats the best in the back of your camera. The longer yo leave the shutter open the more a mix of differing types of firework you can see on your screen.
Sorry for teaching you how to suck eggs people but there are some new people who may not have done this before.
See you there, I hope. Don't forget to wrap up well, you will be standing around either in the rain or quite cold, take gloves so you don't stick to your tripods.
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Re: Crystal Palace fireworks

Postby Nina » Mon 24 Oct 2016, 13:41

Well Wally thanks for the tips. I would have needed them if it wasn't for the fact that I will be away and sadly can't join you. Enjoy the evening.


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