Shot of the week - Sunday 10 Feb 2019

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Re: Shot of the week - Sunday 10 Feb 2019

Postby Iggy » Sun 10 Feb 2019, 20:35

Hi Steve,
Welcome to SOTW.
I have just come off from watching Don McCullin's "Looking for England" on BBC4 Iplayer.
Rather enjoyed it and picked up a few ideas too. Noticed that Don liked shooting in portrait rather than landscape.

Nice image, full of foreboding.
Mike Farley
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Re: Shot of the week - Sunday 10 Feb 2019

Postby Mike Farley » Mon 11 Feb 2019, 08:02

Hi Steve

Welcome to shot of the week. I hope that you will have fun doing it.

I have heard good things about the lens on the GR cameras and based on your shot it does seem to have done well in picking out the details. It helps emphasise the starkness of the trees at this time of year.

Iggy wrote:Noticed that Don liked shooting in portrait rather than landscape.

Well, he certainly orientates his camera vertically for portraits, but I did not see any evidence in the programme or looking online that he does so routinely in the remainder of his work.

Mike Farley
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Re: Shot of the week - Sunday 10 Feb 2019

Postby Laura » Fri 15 Feb 2019, 11:17

SteveBudd wrote:Hi folks.

I'm up for trying for a shot a week from this point, so opening the batting is 'Black sky', a shot snagged on the Ricoh GRII while Ruth and I were out thrashing the dogs at Selsdon Wood. I've been a fan of Don McCullin for well over two decades. McCullin would often shoot landscapes between conflicts, as a means of trying to escape the psychological consequences of the terrible things he'd recorded through his camera over the years.

He admitted that even so, his experiences still led him to style his routinely monochrome images in a dark and brooding way that deliberately rendered the landscape almost overtly threatening, with high contrast tones.

I had Don in mind as we stopped at a bench mid way up Great Field. The sun was in and out from behind clouds when I glanced up at the over reaching branches and with the Ricoh set to 'High Contrast Monochrome' ran off a few shots, anticipating adding a red filter in post processing to blacken the sky and lift the cloud.

In McCullin-esque style, the dark branches reach over the viewer, filtering the view of the sky, while the trees beyond are an impenetrably dark barrier.
Looks like I chose the wrong week to quit amphetamines... :D :D :D




Hi Steve, a belated welcome to the "one-a-week" sub club :D
And what a greatly moody image to start with! High contrast mono really served you well. I do like the way the branches extend over the viewer, as you say - intriguing and almost impenetrable. The cloud behind them adds interest.

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