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Re: Cutlery

Postby Laura » Fri 01 Feb 2019, 13:22

Iggy wrote:A beautiful sunny morning yesterday offered the opportunity to explore harder shadow with my spoon in glass.
This was shot indoor with sunlight streaming into the lounge.
Any comments on the two?

I like the curves created by the shadows in number two and also its subtle colour tones. The curved lines in the spoon mirror the curves in the shadows. If you want more attention to be drawn to the shadow perhaps a stronger mono rendition would achieve that. As number two stands I find my eye is constantly drawn to the lines on the spoon.

Number one is more graphic and contrasty, it would be enhanced for me by a stronger shadow to go with.

So for me number two has the edge as they stand - well done for experimenting, Iggy! ;)
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Re: Cutlery

Postby Iggy » Fri 01 Feb 2019, 18:38

Thanks Sarah & Laura.
Image 1 was shot in a bedroom that I occasionally use as my studio. This was done under dim room lights on a cloudy afternoon.
The shadow was created by a single small led bulb. I should repeat the shot using a stronger single light source.
The image became much more interesting to me once I added water to the glass.
This image is in B&W, I think.

Image 2 was shot with strong sunlight in the living room.
I tried B&W where there appeared to be little difference, apart from the yellow tinge in the colour image that I liked.
I also liked all the curves, but should have had a trial with the glass half full of water.
That is another sunny day to look out for now.

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