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POTW 5 January 2020 - Chrysanthemum

Posted: Sun 05 Jan 2020, 23:25
by Mike Farley
This is the my latest photo in my ongoing quest to publish one shot per week which I have been undertaking since the beginning of 2019. Unlike last year, I do not propose to write a blog post for each image which should mean it stands a better chance of being posted. No promises, though.

I say that I do not do projects. Yet for the past few months I have been taking a series of flower images which looks suspiciously like a ........ panel. It is evolving and I am finding different ways of taking and processing the photos. All have one thing in common; I am using an infrared camera. The flower is a chrysanthemum from my garden, the last of of the survivors from the autumn. I fully expect that there will be similar images which appear during the forthcoming year. Who knows, there might eventually be enough to form a panel?

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Re: POTW 5 January 2020 - Chrysanthemum

Posted: Mon 06 Jan 2020, 14:30
by Iggy
Hi Mike,
Good to see that you have decided to do POTW weekly.
I was pottering around with flowers too this morning but the nice light did not last long!
All the best,