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On The Phone

Postby Mike Farley » Wed 07 Mar 2018, 18:30

There are three reasons that I bought the Canon LTM 50 f/1.4 lens:

  • Less clinical rendering than a modern lens
  • Monochrome shots
  • 3D pop when mounted on a Fuji camera and shot at f/2.8 (based on a report I had seen in a Facebook group)
I am not sure that I have seen much evidence of the first quality yet, although I would not expect to get quite the same level of sharpness as with a modern lens. That said, I suspect that I will need to shoot either wide open or possibly at f/2 to achieve for I am looking for. I am certainly enjoying the way that the images convert to black and white. Given its vintage, the lens would mostly have been used with monochrome film. Colour film was available in the 1950s, of course, but it was more difficult to use and results variable. Colour rendition would probably have been less of a priority for the lens ' designer. But it is the 3D pop that is really working for me. I am not sure if it is something inherent in the lens or a product of using it combination with a X-trans sensor. I will need to try it out with a full frame camera to find out.

This is another shot from yesterday which, I hope, illustrates what I am referring to.

On The Phone.jpg
On the Phone
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