Can I still go out and take photos during the lockdown?

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Re: Can I still go out and take photos during the lockdown?

Postby Mike Farley » Sun 17 Jan 2021, 19:01

Thanks for posting, Iggy. The RPS has posted its own article which has similar conclusions.

The takeout is that we are not allowed to leave our homes nor meet with others for the purpose of photography. However, we can take our cameras with us when we exercise and drive a short distance* to do so. This suggests that remaining in one place for too long, camera in hand, might be problematic and would certainly rule out the use of a tripod.

None of the above applies to professionals if they are working, although it would be advisable to have some form of accreditation.

* How far is not specified. Inconclusive evidence suggests 7 miles or so should not be an issue. Avoid Barnard Castle. Unless visiting an optician. ;)

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