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Icon - Music through the lens

Postby Iggy » Wed 11 Nov 2020, 14:40

Icon - Music through the lens
Today, found Icon, a wonderful photography programme on Sky Arts.
6 episodes in the series that plays on Friday nights at 10 pm.
Unfortunately, the series started 2 or 3 (?) weeks ago, with On camera, On the road & On the record.
Caught up on Episode 1 where many photographers talk about their iconic images.
Rankin was one of the photographers.
It took me back to the time when these artistes and photographers first started off. Enjoyed it.
Will probably watch episodes 2 & 3 tomorrow.
Then on track for episode 3 or 4 (?) on Friday 13 November at 10 pm.

ICON: Music Through The Lens aims to tell the story of music photography through the years,
and features contributions from the likes of Alice Cooper, Nick Mason, Glen Matlock and Lars Ulrich.

To add some confusion:
The first episode in a new six-part series about music photography will be broadcast tonight (Friday November 6) on Sky Arts in The UK.

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