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Free Photography Competition

Posted: Wed 28 Aug 2019, 13:31
by Mike Farley
Fuji is running a competition, with the winning entries being displayed at the Old Truman Brewery between 24-27 October, as well as being publicised on social media. Entry is free, Fuji will make a charitable donation for each photo submitted, there is a prize draw and entrants will receive a print of their photos. Shots do not even have to have been taken with a Fuji camera. What is not to like? ... 0_18784070

Re: Free Photography Competition

Posted: Wed 28 Aug 2019, 17:12
by Iggy
Thanks Mike.
I will enter the 3 permitted images in the next couple of weeks.
Best wishes,

Re: Free Photography Competition

Posted: Wed 16 Oct 2019, 23:52
by Iggy
I expect that every one from the CCC who entered the Fuji competition has received this message from Fujifilm Printlife:
We are pleased to announce that one of your photos has been selected for exhibition!
...............with over 11,000 photos!


Re: Free Photography Competition

Posted: Fri 25 Oct 2019, 21:17
by Iggy
Attended Fujifilm Printlife exhibition in the Truman Brewery Gallery this morning.
Saw all 11,000 prints and found my "Father & Daughter having a chat" image.
Had a few chats with the staff and the public.
Printed off the 5 permitted 6x8 inch images from my camera, some from the Chichester outing.
Dressed up in a fancy jacket for the two portraits shots that they took of me and they gave me 10x8 inch images.
Then as no one else would, willing dived into a bed of colouful balls for three polaroid type images. That started the ball rolling with more punters following!

Didn't try out the Fuji cameras being demonstrated.
All the walks of 12 people were fully booked. I should have just followed one using my own camera.
Didn't fancy the workshops.

Had a quick walk round along Brick Lane and adjoinig streets and took a few images.
Couldn't get myself motivated to go to any of the markets.
Had some free Speckled hen beer at a pop up bar by Shoreditch Station while being entertained by a comedian.
Came home.

Fujifilm Printlife exhibition is on tomorrow and Sunday.