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Re: Master of Photography 2019

Postby Iggy » Fri 05 Jul 2019, 22:34

# Episode 6 - Women in Power

8 photographers reduced to just 3 now.
Women in Power working in traditionally male dominated areas.

The three photographers picked an envelope and then traveled to spend a day to produce 3 to 5 images of their subject
trying to show their achievements, their day & their personality without being stereotypical though. Tall order?

Celebrated Orchestral Conductor

Michelin Star Chef

Vicar of St Johns Church Brixton

Check out images and hope to see what you think. Judgement can be difficult without watching the show - but give it a go

Rankin, a British photographer, publisher and film director helped the contestants with their image selection choice.

Which photographer is dropped leaving two for a final assessment!
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Peter Boughton
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Re: Master of Photography 2019

Postby Peter Boughton » Fri 05 Jul 2019, 23:38

Sidar's second image confused me, until I realised it's probably a garden/allotment. I still don't think the image works, nor his first one - a busy shot that looks more like supervision than the demonstration it presumably is.

Jan picked five images - I don't think the first or last ones add to the panel. (Also, the last one is framed wrong - I can't figure out why the right hand side is included and the spire needs a tad more space above it, but even with that (and more interesting light), I wouldn't include it in the set.)

I think I like Richard's panel, but there's the highlights in the second image and the lip sitting on the bottom of the frame for the third, and couldn't the piano have been quickly dusted...
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Re: Master of Photography 2019

Postby Iggy » Sat 06 Jul 2019, 10:43

Thanks Peter for taking the time to participate with your reply.

Peter said: Sidar's second image confused me, until I realised it's probably a garden/allotment

Yes, the Michelin star cook has a large allotment. Sirdar could have presented another image showing the face and a large flat basket of produce.
Busy shot with steam looked better on TV

Jan picked five images

Judges liked the hands. They didn't like the last image too much but it showed where she worked.
I liked four of Jan's images.

I think I like Richard's panel

First one was a reflection of the conductor playing the piano with her mother at home, which judges did not like.
Second powerful image took her gender away.
Third very closeup image made her look as ugly as possible and unrecognisable, showing Richard's dark side.

I think that all should have used the permitted 5 images having had all day to get them to try and show their achievements, their day & their personality.

One was eliminated, while other two went forward to the final.
I will add more of the results later today.
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Re: Master of Photography 2019

Postby Iggy » Sun 07 Jul 2019, 00:23

As you have all guessed by now, it was Richard who was eliminated. His 3 images were not enough to tell a story. Rankin, who was helping with image selection, had suggested using one extra image that had some orchestral members which was not taken. Judges could not feel the music in Richard’s work.

Rankin then looked at the three best assignments of Sidar & Jan and gave his feedback publicly in front of the judges and all the other competitors that had returned.
He specified that Jan was always consistently good while Sidar had the best Home, Sweet Home portfolio.

After further deliberation, Judges chose Jan as the winner of Master of Photography 2019 and winner of 100,000 euros.
Both would have all their images displayed at Cortona on the Move – an international photography festival in Tuscany where they would have access to world class feedback on all their assignments. Cortona on The Move also hosts the ‘Master of Photography 2019’ exhibition.

Meanwhile Richard won the 6 month residency at Fabrica, the research centre on contemporary communication founded by Oliviero Toscani.

So that is Master of Photography done for another year.

Sadly shorter with just six episodes instead of the usual 8, having started with just 8 contestants instead of the previous 12.

Did you enjoy it. Did you get anything out of Master of Photography?
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Re: Master of Photography 2019

Postby Iggy » Wed 10 Jul 2019, 00:02

Perhaps I was the only CCC member who actually watched the current series of Master of Photography.
To get the most from the show, one would have to watch it.

Mike Farley & Peter Boughton kindly participated and offered their feedback based on the images provided on the web page. Thank you.

I certainly enjoyed this year’s Master of Photography.
Did I get anything photographically out of it?
Yes I did.
Seeing all the projects and how contestants approached each exercise followed by Judges' feedback was enlightening.

Some two years ago Master of Photography made me aware of London Fashion week and gave me some ideas about how to approach fashion photography on the street.
OK, I then had to be bold but friendly in my approach of strangers on the street, followed by directing them in my phone box studio, to get the portraits I wanted.
The lucky end result was a winning print panel in our CCC PHOTO 2018 and the Dorrett Cup.

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