PP: Porthsmouth 27 Jan

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PP: Porthsmouth 27 Jan

Postby Sarahrs » Fri 12 Jan 2018, 23:06

Welcome to the first Photo and Pub.

So the basic plan is head to Portsmouth which has lots of interesting things to photograph including the historic dock yards, a castle, and a beach. So lots to keep everyone snap happy even with the variable weather.

The proposed timings are:
9:34 train from east croydon to Portsmouth due to arrive 11:17. Journey time 1 hr 43.

Be in pub for about 4:15pm before heading to the train.

Going back it looks slightly quicker going via East Croydon

So head back on 17:24 train from Portsmouth and Southsea to Clapham Junction
19:13 train from Clapham junction to East Croydon for 19:22.

For those keen for a sunset, it is due at 16:47pm.

If the sunset is super and people want to stay a bit longer there is a direct train from Portsmouth and southsea to East Croydon at 17:59 and due back at EC by 20:04. Yes, there is a route going via Clapham Junction which leaves Portsmouth and Southsea at 17:50, change at Guildford and then change at CJ arrive back 19:52.

An off-peak day return is £29.80. The cost can be reduced by various travel cards including network rail, friends and two together tickets.
The Historic Dockyard all attraction ticket is £28 if booked on-line ohterwise it is £18 to vist the boat of your choice including the Mary Rose. For more infomation see: http://www.historicdockyard.co.uk/tickets-and-offers. you can get disounted entry with the Art Fund card and keep an eye out for Groupon deals.
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Re: PP: Porthsmouth 27 Jan

Postby Iggy » Wed 17 Jan 2018, 11:54

Thanks for organising.
I have a birthday party to attend.
So can't go.
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Paul Heester
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Re: PP: Porthsmouth 27 Jan

Postby Paul Heester » Thu 18 Jan 2018, 11:55

Thanks for all the info Sarah. Im interested in coming along but would probably prefer the 0834 train to give more daylight whilst there. I also have a Gold Card which gives 1/3 off for upto 4 adults if this helps other members.
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Re: PP: Porthsmouth 27 Jan

Postby Compsec » Thu 18 Jan 2018, 19:20

HI Sarah, Thanks for organising, I intend to come on this. 09:34 train is good. Or (having read Mr Heester' post) the 08:34 is ok too. Let me know.



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