Great Poppy Beckenham!

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Paul Heester
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Great Poppy Beckenham!

Postby Paul Heester » Wed 01 Jun 2022, 16:20

I remember that last year I had to drop my wife off to her work depot in Beckenham and that opposite are some council flats that someone has gone to great lengths to plant a wildflower meadow. It was past its best last year but I urged the missus to inform me when it looked good again this year. She said the poppies are now out so decided to visit this afternoon and although a small area it does look great and gives plenty of shots of poppies.

Here is the location for people interested -

And here is today's snapshot:

PXL_20220601_134218326.jpg (351.88 KiB) Viewed 11490 times

And here is a quick process of one shot:

IMG_6383.jpg (195.04 KiB) Viewed 11490 times

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