Has Fujifilm Done It Again?

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Has Fujifilm Done It Again?

Postby Mike Farley » Wed 01 Jun 2022, 09:13

Fujifilm introduced the X-H1 model in February 2018. It was based on the company's then existing technology which featured a 24 MP sensor and dated from 2016. Just six months later, the X-T3 came out with a 26 MP sensor, improved autofocus and a substantially lower price. The X-H1 boasted better build quality and IBIS (image stabilisation) but appears not to have been a good seller initially. Within months, Fujifilm was offering it a substantial discount to clear its stocks and improved its desirability no end.

Fujifilm has just announced the X-H2S. The 26 MP sensor is new, but its main advantage appears to be speed. According to DPReview, it is unlikely to improve image quality but other functions such as autofocus will benefit. If anything, it is the video specifications that are more impressive. The rumour mill has a 40 MP X-H2 coming out later this year although more megapixels does not translate into significantly better image quality for most people unless making very large prints or cropping excessively. The X-H2S also forsakes the traditional Fuji-X ISO and shutter speed dials which allow the settings to be viewed at a glance which might hinder its attraction for some Fujifilm users. At £2,500 for a crop sensor camera, it faces some stiff competition from full frame models and the less expensive GH6 for video enthusiasts.

Four years on from the X-T3 and two years after the X-T4 which added IBIS, that range is due for an upgrade. With the X-H1, Fujifilm competed against itself when it brought out the X-T3. Is history about to repeat itself?

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