Epson 378XL (Squirrel) Ink Cartridges for sale

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Epson 378XL (Squirrel) Ink Cartridges for sale

Postby Canonballer » Thu 31 Mar 2022, 14:54

Hi All,

I have an Epson Photo HD 15000 printer in which I use Epson "Squirrel" 378XL and 478XL cartiridges that I normally purchase in multi-packs of 6 (including Magenta, Cyan,Yellow, Red, Grey and Black). I always keep a full set "in stock" as replacements, ready for when the ones in use become empty. On that basis, I purchased a fresh set of inks some months ago and just put them in my cupboard without looking at them first. So you can imagine my surprise (and annoyance) when I needed to change a cartridge that the set I'd purchased contained "Light Cyan" and "Light Magenta" inks in place of the Red and Grey inks that I needed!

I therefore now have two OEM 378XL ink cartridges, one "Light Cyan" and one "Light Magenta" (both still sealed in their individual vacuum packs) that I cannot use in my printer. Purchased separately the cheapest I can find these cartridges on-line is via The Cartridge at a cost of £16.99 each. Therefore if any member can make use of either of these inks, I'm prepared to sell them at a reduced cost of £13 each.

If anybody is interested therefore, please contact me via the Forum or directly either at or on 07554 164530.


Dave N

Dave Newman

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