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For all you Leica lovers and evryone who loves photography

Posted: Fri 08 Nov 2019, 21:28
by abennettphotography
#Leica #mirrorless Wow! Just, WOW! Here's how to do a 35 min video & maintain interest til the very end. The peerless #HughBrownstone on the delights of the #leicasl2 & overview of mirrorless in general

Re: For all you Leica lovers and evryone who loves photography

Posted: Sat 09 Nov 2019, 09:18
by Mike Farley
He lost me after three minutes or so when an ad unexpectedly kicked in and he still had not talked about the camera. For me, that is a significant issue with video; waiting for the nuggets not knowing where they are nor being able to find them again later. The written word is far more preferable, even though inexplicably it is not fashionable these days. I will try again when I have more time. He is a commentator I have not come across previously.

FWIW, other reports I have seen suggest that the SL2 is a good camera and reasonably priced - for a Leica! No doubt the L mount alliance means that Leica has been discouraged from more exuberant pricing. It is still considerably more expensive than the similarly spec'd Panasonic S1R although better build quality will account for much of that. Leica makes the body from a single block of aluminium which is machined into shape, a superior albeit far more costly process than using a mould.

I liked the look and feel of the original Leica SL (the digital one, not the first film based SL from the 60s), but the weight and bulk put me off. Not to mention the cost, both of the camera and the lenses which are also large and heavy. Yes, the image quality is superb (as it should be) but when I have occasionally put shots taken with Leica gear into competition, it is not something the judge has ever mentioned. Even though I can see that it is there.

Incidentally, I edited the original post as the link to the video was not working.

Re: For all you Leica lovers and evryone who loves photography

Posted: Tue 12 Nov 2019, 08:35
by Mike Farley
If the Leica SL2 seems a tad expensive, I have just read a review by Steve Huff of the new Sigma fp. Steve has his own "breathless" style when it comes to reviews but I have learnt to trust his opinion. For example, the issues he notes with shooting higher resolution sensors which accord with my own experience. Sigma has always gone its own way when it comes to cameras, most notably in its continuing use of the Foveon sensor which renders like no other. The fp is no different, although its relatively low cost disguises the fact that the some might need to purchase accessories to add features such as an EVF*. There also appears to be some price gouging on Sigma's part. $1,899 in the US translates to £1,999 in the UK. OK, Sigma is not the only company to do this, but for anyone seriously interested it might be worthwhile waiting a bit to see if the initial price holds. Grey importer E-Infiniti is currently selling the camera for a more reasonable £1,409.

The other point of interest from Huff's review is his extensive use of Voigtlander M mount lenses, of which he is also a fan. Previously he has recommended the original Leica SL for the purpose due to the way it handles the short rear focus of lenses designed for rangefinder cameras. It is a feat that not all mirrorless cameras can successfully achieve, notably those from Sony due to the thicker than usual filter stack in front of the sensor.

I would also mention that another reason liking Huff's reviews (link follows) is that often they comprise both written and video segments. In terms of length and content, I find that the latter are pitched about right to hold my attention. ... heres-why/

* The EVF also seems to be delightfully quirky, albeit effective according to Huff.

Re: For all you Leica lovers and evryone who loves photography

Posted: Wed 13 Nov 2019, 09:06
by Mike Farley
I went to the Leica store in Mayfair yesterday to take a look at the SL2. The camera is heavy but after a while I forgot about it. From what I have read, Leica seems to have taken on board the criticisms of the original SL and paid attention to the handling of the new camera. Everything felt well balanced. The store put the new APO-Summicron-SL 50mm on the camera and the quality of the results was obvious even viewing them on the rear screen. I also tried a Leica M lens on the camera and that too felt like a good combination.

Would I buy one? Sharp intake of breath. The results I have seen from the Leica lenses are indeed gorgeous and those from Panasonic and Sigma who are in the new L-mount alliance are also reviewing well. However, I do like to get out and about with my cameras and I know that weight would become an issue. Then there are those 47MP files, which will consume hard drive disk space and are really more than I would usually need. Not to mention the cost, the camera being just the start. It is a professional system where these and other considerations are outweighed by the positives. I left the store and returned to the reality of normal life. This side of a lottery win, anyway.