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Apple Goes 64 Bit

Posted: Wed 10 Apr 2019, 14:59
by Mike Farley
There has been a stay of execution since Apple announced that macOS was going fully 64 bit and will no longer run 32 bit code. That is about to change. When the next release comes out later this year, any legacy applications which are 32 bit wil be unsupported. From the photography aspect, that includes older versions of Adobe software. So far as I can tell from a brief Google foray, Lightroom 6 will be OK, as will Photoshop from CS4 onwards. No guarantees about the accuracy of this info, though I expect more information will become available closer to the time. Watch out for howls of complaint from aggrieved users this autumn.

More from Thom Hogan, who says that while Windows is unaffected for now, that is unlikely to be the case forever. "Tech is a shark, it has to keep moving to live." ... -wall.html

Re: Apple Goes 64 Bit

Posted: Wed 01 May 2019, 08:25
by Mike Farley
A casualty of Apple's move will be Aperture. Apple ceased support for the application in 2014, to the chagrin of many, although Adobe would not have been among those who regretted the move. When I give my Lightroom talks at other clubs, I ask what people are using to process their images. Unsurprisingly, Lightroom and Photoshop dominate and I cannot recall the last time anyone mentioned Aperture.

As ever, this item of news is reported at all the usual websites. For my link, below, I have selected DPReview's. ... cos-mojave