Changes to Flickr

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Changes to Flickr

Postby rebeccaclark » Sun 04 Nov 2018, 12:15

If you are someone, like me, who uses Flickr as your main storage site in the cloud, and has been used to enjoying 1TB of storage for free, then you will need to know about changes that are coming.

In short, the 1TB for free is ending soon, and is being replaced with 1000 photos/videos for free. If you want more storage, you will now need to pay for it.
The changes are explained in the link below.

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Re: Changes to Flickr

Postby GrahamL » Tue 06 Nov 2018, 10:41

Hi Rebecca,

Yes, tricky one. Nowadays I use Flikr much more for providing viewable non-public links to disseminate pictures rather than for public exhibition, Instagram has sort of replaced that. I guess I'm not alone and Flikr is now owned by the awfully named SmugMug who probably bought it from Yahoo/Oath specifically to initiate a more direct cash-stream. Will We Transfer, Dropbox, Vimeo and the like get more restrictive too?

Ah well, no such thing as a free lunch, at least not for long.


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Peter Boughton
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Re: Changes to Flickr

Postby Peter Boughton » Tue 06 Nov 2018, 23:57

I'm confused how you can be upset by the name SmugMug, but apparently be ok with "Oath", which is an even more ridiculous brand.

1TB is over 100,000 full size photos and costs ~£30 in physical form - I'm surprised Flickr was giving that much away in the first place (seems it happened at the same time they screwed about with gallery display).

Dropping to only 1,000 seems a bit excessive - the original limit of 100MB of uploads a month was a far more reasonable way of working. It wouldn't surprise me if this restriction pushed users to other services (rather than to the Pro plan which is obviously the intent).

Will We Transfer, Dropbox, Vimeo and the like get more restrictive too?
None of those companies have been sold to SmugMug, and none of their free plans offer an over-generous 1 TB of space, so there is no reason to assume they would change?

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