Sensor Formats and Aspect Ratios

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Sensor Formats and Aspect Ratios

Postby Mike Farley » Tue 02 Oct 2018, 08:30

An interesting article by Mike Johnston, although I suspect that for many it will be tl:dr. Personally, I believe that APS-C is the sweet spot for sensor size but, as in many things, I am at odds with the majority on that. The other thing I would note is that the crop tool in Lightroom gives an easy option to try different aspect ratios. For a long time, I have routinely adjusted my portrait format images to 4:3 and often do the same for landscape format as well, although in that instance subject matter has more of a bearing.

The issue is more one of "seeing" when an exposure is made. A 3:2 aspect ratio might dictate the composition of the final image, but the number of megapixels which the manufacturers routinely provide these days give a lot of scope. We do not need all of them to make an A3 print, which is large as most will go. That gives an option to leave a margin around the subject and work out the best aspect ratio later. ... 24x36.html

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