A set of 12 photographic challenges with a mix of genres and more individual topics.

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November online challenge is Cutlery. It is a great opportunity to experiment and apply the workshop on still life.

Cutlery: an everyday object, and some say the pinnacle of civilization. Show us something new and different.

Inspiration: One of the most famous pictures of Cutlery is called, The Fork, or La Fourchette, by  André Kertész, 1928. For a view on what makes it great, see this blog post: ... 9394dd73d9

Kertesz_The_Fork.jpg (19.47 KiB) Viewed 31 times

How: Some ideas to explore is the use of shadows, number of objects in the pictures, or potentially focusing on the details.
For some hints and tips on how to take pictures of Cutlery, please this link with some great hints and tips: ... y-cutlery/

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